Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Happy Dance
I finished Daughters by Lizzie Kate I will more than likely have this framed so it will survive in my daughter's room without injury. My next new start will be another Lizzie Kate pattern Hocus Pocus .I do enjoy cross stitching Halloween projects its the colors they are so beautiful and they put you in a fall frame of mind.I have also posted a picture of myself  before going to church  this morning .

Until later keep on stitching,
Lizzie Kate " Daughters"


Friday, July 20, 2012

Hello! I would like to start off with a THANK YOU from my new blogging friends thank you ladies and gentleman (Darren) for becoming a member on my blog I am looking forward to many joyful and meaningful sessions. I have to go back a few days to Tuesday and I tried out a new dish from Mennonite Girls Can Cook  its called a Hearty Nacho see the picture below it was awesome .I also have included a picture of Ginger my corgi and Pepper her sister from another mother.LOL. They are the best of friends.Cross stitch update coming soon. I would also like to thank my husband for taking my blog pictures ,thank you Darryl.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Time Just Flies
It seems like just yesterday was the 4th and it will be two weeks tomorrow since then,I have been busy cross stitching on The Garden Cat see my progress and then last night I decided I needed a quick finish so I pulled out a  Lizzie Kate pattern a small one that would not take long, I need a happy dance in the worst way LOL. If only you knew !! Well I hope that everyone's having a good summer thus far, as for me it been a joy so far. Barentina

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Just a quick update  and a hello. A new picture of The Garden Cat she is coming along great and I've also starting reading  Starr Jones" Satan"s Sister" for one of my summer Reads
Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!  Barentina
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