Saturday, September 22, 2012

I've been taking pictures

Hello, just like the title says I've taken a few pictures . But first welcome to my new friends. I had a quick finish its March Mayhem by Pine Mountain Designs I've had it for sometime and decided to finally stitch it up.started it 9/7/2012 and finished it 9/9/2012. It's been awhile since I've stitched on Aida and it felt different it took me a minute to get my barring  with the fabric after stitching on Linen for so long.I think it turned out nicely.
Recently, I been having some little visitors they are so cute.I enjoy watching them waddle across the yard as they head down to the lake. They have a little path that leads  to the lake in the back yard I even feed them bread crumbs.I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

Chat with you later,

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

I hope that everyone will take a little time to enjoy the Holiday today, at least exhale (smile) I am going to hopefully cross stitch some today .I started my morning off with a brisk walk with my husband ,I've read today newspaper and between getting Briana ready for school tomorrow I will cook ,clean and cross stitch not exactly in that order but you get the meaning.

I have Pictures of Scooba Dooba that I took Saturday that I thought I would post but as fate would have it we had a power outage so I waited until today. I have laughed at these pictures, because there were errors like you would not believe . How is it I can be looking at the pattern and make such mistakes ? Anyway as I crossed stitched Saturday night after the power was restored THANK GOD it was as HOT as the DEVIL
I saw my mistakes. (Many Mistakes LOL) All are now corrected . It's  a good thing I can laugh at myself.
Enjoy the pictures , I have decided this will be framed when I am finished cross stitching it because it stitched on white 32 ct opalescent and I plan to add seed beads for the sea life eyes and I may place some more in other areas it will be a unique piece when finished.

Chat with you later,

A joy to cross stitch. Started 8/8/2012

Below this wave that yellow color should not be there it not now (LOL)

I just love this purple octopus !