Friday, August 3, 2012

A Finish and a Start
I finished the Garden Cat and now I've started Hocus Pocus (another Happy Dance to me) ! Oh, btw, I've been busy working out at least 4 days week so that I can move around. I get stiff really fast so I've started working out at CURVES . I was Dx with RA a year ago and so to keeping moving I work out whether I loose weight or not. Ok, back to cross stitch! I have over (I'm going to guess) maybe around fifteen finished cross stitched pieces that need finishing which is not my specialty so hopefully here in the not so distance future I will eventually get them completed in some form or fashion and present them here on my blog. I am into seasonal theme stitching and I have quite a few Halloween pieces. I think its the colors that surprises even me. The fall colors lures me in every time LOL!  Now don't get me wrong, I do have other holidays I like but Halloween I have the most, with Easter following a close second. I have got to work on the other Holidays a bit more, in time you will see. I have already decided on my next start however unlike me it usually takes a little longer to decide these things.  I have decided its going to be Scooba Dooba! I've had this pattern for a while and its finally time to break it out, so when I'm done stitching Hocus Pocus I will begin Scooba Dooba by Raise the Roof. During my cross stitching leisure I've been watching the Olympics "GO TEAM USA"! I really do enjoy watching both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. I'm so proud of our country. They really are doing a great job!  Well, enough of my chatting... new pics below!



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