Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Hello.

I see I have some new followers, Hello Ladies Welcome to Barentina's and Ginger's Place .Sorry I've been away for awhile but, I been working on getting the kids in school, and trying to get things together around the house.That includes myself.

I have been cross stitching  and reading a lot lately.  I have finished Hocus Pocus By Lizzie Kate and I started Scooba Dooba by Raise The Roof .I will have picture in my next post .I do still have to order the candy corn buttons for Hocus Pocus and put them on and I'm trying to decide how I would like to have that finished (flat fold or cube). How, I wish there was someone local here in town that could do my finishing.It would make for a happy time for me.

The books I've read are" The 5th Horseman " and "Kiss The Girls" by James Patterson .  They have both been a great read and highly recommended if you like mysteries.

Chat with you later,


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